Di Patterson, MSG, CPG is a Credentialed Professional Media Gerontologist, is the founder of Success in Aging Center®, Inc. and Season of Life® Conference, Inc.

  • Success in Aging® Shop

    In my Success in Aging® shop, I will be offering products designed to fight isolation and make the lives of Seniors, and older Disabled, Widowed, and Veterans better. As a Gerontologist, I identify products, services and companies that Boomers and their Aging parents would want to know about! I study research, note health and social trends, and investigate a wide variety of resources with the eyes of a well-trained Gerontologist so that I can determine their value to the Aging public.

  • HOPE: Helping Older People Engage!

    Success in Aging® Essentials Boxes help fight social isolation and offer a healthy dose of HOPE: Helping Older People Engage! I align myself with products, services and companies with a high level of integrity and the strong benefits these products and services offer to older adults, the disabled and veterans. I believe in ethical business practices, excellent customer service, and staying true to our vision or the company.

  • My vision of Success in Aging® has three categories:

    Proaction: Actively engaging with your aging process, choosing how you want to age.

    Parameters: Realities of your health and your budget, and your choices within them.

    Preferences: Your personal tastes and lifestyles, looking toward a joyful older age!

    I am a great believer in “getting off the couch” early when it comes to positive aging. The sooner we start to prepare and plan for our own old age, the better! Whatever your age, today is a great day to begin working toward your own Success in Aging®.

Success In Aging

—active engagement is what we can control, and it’s up to us to make our own success in aging!”

-Di Patterson,


“The Starter Kit”


Each collection is a thoughtfully curated, Gerontologist-approved gift box designed to empower older adults, people living with disabilities, veterans and the widowed by giving those who love them an easy way to show their affection and thoughtfulness.

What’s included in Success in Aging® Essentials Box

  • 01

    Success in Aging® Doggy Bags 

    This bright blue holder attaches to a dog’s leash easily and holds 100 waste bags. At 2” x 3” with no sharp edges, it’s pocket-friendly, too. Refill waste bags are easily found in stores (another gift idea for visiting family or friends!)

  • 02

     Success in Aging® Gardening Box 

    Our Success in Aging® garden-in-a-box is a sink-side or windowsill planter that will please with vibrant-colored marigolds. Packaged in a 3” x 3” gift box, fitting this small planter into your available space is easy!  

  • 03

    Success in Aging® Shower Squeegee

    Our Success in Aging® garden-in-a-box is a sink-side or windowsill planter that will please with vibrant-colored marigolds. Packaged in a 3” x 3” gift box, fitting this small planter into your available space is easy!  

  • 04

     Success in Aging® Auto Cane

    Whether doing run-of-the-mill driving errands or planning an extensive vacation, your safety to-and-from is top-of-the-list!

Success in Aging® Doggy Bags

Dogs are our best friends for good reason. They love us! And we, in turn, love them.

Research proves that pets help people - especially mature adults - stave off loneliness and isolation, maintain healthy routines and enjoy overall better health.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic discovered that people with dogs have better cardiovascular health, largely because both humans and our four-legged companions need plenty of exercise and daily walks.

Use our pet waste bags, packaged in a convenient on-the-go holder, to clean up after your pet daily, and you’ll both enjoy happier and healthier lives.

Your neighbors will thank you, too, for keeping your neighborhood clean. Great relationships are essential to healthy aging, so don’t overlook the importance of community.

 Success in Aging® Gardening Box

Gardening is one of those healthy and happy habits that can overwhelm us in its magnitude if we don’t start slowly and ease into its wonderfulness! Many a good-natured gardener is all-too-familiar with the after-effects of overdoing it!

Benefits of gardening include adding regular exercise to our weekly lives while watering, dead-heading flowers and toting trash.

While adding color to your indoor or outdoor space, plants add oxygen to our environment and a smile to all!

Sharing your bountiful garden with your family and friends fights social isolation and will bring you cheer!

Success in Aging® Shower Squeegee

When we talk about a creative and healthy way to add exercise to our daily schedule, we include a rough-and-tumble, heavy-duty shower squeegee!

When our muscles are warm and happy from our morning or evening showers, we are in the perfect frame of mind to spend time using a shower squeegee as an exercise tool when combined with properly installed grab bars.

Providing lots of range of motion movement: stretching high and low, creating safety across slippery areas; changing hands and stretching out all over again!

Even the squatting position is very good for us as long as we hold on. Adding properly-installed grab bars is so important to keep steady!

 Success in Aging® Auto Cane

Prevent Falls: Maintain your independence and prevent dangerous falls while transferring from a vehicle with or without caregiver assistance.

Increases Leverage: The additional support of the Auto Cane helps to maintain balance while pushing up to a standing position. It’s also quite helpful in safely coming back to the sitting position.

Easy To Use: Auto Cane is simple and easy to use with no modification to your vehicle required. Simply slide the metal tip into the door latch striker, swing your legs out and stand.

Perfect for Seniors: Great for aging adults or anyone who is experiencing limited mobility due to back or leg pain, sciatica, disability, surgery, or injury recovery.

Support Handle: The 6.5″ long Auto Cane provides stability and balance when standing or sitting from the car and supports weights up to 300 lbs.

Lightweight: Easily store the 1-pound Auto Cane in your glove box, door compartment, middle console or purse to keep it easily accessible. Easy to toss on the seat for your return trip!

To celebrate the Inaugural Success in Aging® Essentials Box, The first 100 customers will get FREE SHIPPING ($57) Get yours before it's too late! 

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